Its about my heart; The Physical part and the Emotional part

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Very Busy Thank God. I Just wanted to wish a huge huge mazel tov to the New York Mets!!!! Hopefully the next mazel tov will be when they win the penant. I gtg i'll write soon. Lates

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hey guys. Hope all is well with you. Thank god, work is busy trying to recruit more kids by having cooler events. Hopefully next month we will be running a scavenger hunt in NYC....(wait for the catch...wait for it...) In STRETCH HUMMERS. Awesome right? I know I know. I am trying super hard not to do anything cliche for these kids, lets face it they are kids who live in the five towns and practically have everything they want and need. We must be different, we call it "thinking outside the box" so I have decided to destroy the box. School started this past week, actually its really good I have one class which is ok, but my second class is really good mainly because the teacher is excellent. He is chilled out but at the same time you learn alot from him so that's like the perfect combo. Umm yea... so otherwise... hmmm life is funny. You never know when things get amazing and then a U turn comes and you are in some ways right back where you started. It isn't sad its more of like "whoa". Things you thought you were good at you suddenly found out that your not, things you thought you wanted you don't-it is a ridiculous wake up call. But this I guess what life is about ups and downs and I guess the true test of life experiences whether good or bad is what did you take from it and how will change your life. Wow have I ever mentioned I love havin these post's for you guys? More than the posts that are funny. Arite tired, keep it real and emesdik!!
"Bilvavi Mishkan Evna"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yo, What's up peeps? I have decided, When I get rich with the help of God. I am going to have a news channel of only good news not everything that we see on TV now. But unfortunately, I don't think it would be a good channel because people like to see carnage, I mean me included too. Anyway, that was more random then usual. Ok when you think about toothpicks what is ur instant reaction as to what the function is? So I was talking to someone and the person responded, its used to eat fruit with. I asked this person what else is it used for, they responded with "I dunno", I laughed hysterically and then the person realized and felt kinda dumb, its ok, its what I like to call a blonde moment. So yestaday at work was pretty busy "I got busy". In wierd mood. Ok yea so I had to do a mailing to send to over 550 kids. If I get 40 kids from that, that would be AWWWWESOOME. Today is a pretty slow day here. I have time to blog. OMG funniest thing but sad also, the Croc Hunter was killed by a STINGRAY-CRYKEE HE PIERCED MY FRIGGIN HEART OFF( if you didn't read that with an Australian accent, read it again!) But kinda crazy. Otherwise... LIFE IS GOOD. BUSY... Ok I gtg stay clear of stingrays they are clearly dangerous things. Later
"V'havta L'reacha Kamocha"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Part II...

HEYOOOOOO. Sorry I haven't been consistent with my postage but hopefully in the future I will be better. SOOOOOO, here's an update. I'm tired, I think I will be for the rest of my life. Between school, work, and life.... I'm busy. I have finally moved into my apartment, "home sweet home". It's kinda weird someone today asked me where I'm from, I instantly responded, kew garden hills, weird b/c I have not even been here a week and I consider it home. Hmmm...not sure what to make of that. Lets start off by saying work is soooo good- I haven't done that much with the kids yet, I'm doing more planning for the next few months: Events and awesome activities. In the upcoming weeks I will be preparing for my classes to give over to the kids. School- doesn't start for another week. I had orientation, it was quite boring. I just want to take my courses and do my thing. Classes will for sure be very interesting so I'm excited for that. One of the pillars of becoming a social worker is that you must be a good listener, which I am totally awesome at (it's true I don't play games) so that's fine, but you also have to have an open mind(liberal, if you will) that might be an issue, not that I hate people- I mean if that was true then I'm going into the wrong profession, but the kind of open-mindedness that might contradict religions as a whole. Unclear how that works into the system, because not everything everyone does in justifiable, even if you do have a mental illness. Am I wrong? So I decided the greatest invention ever is Text messaging-ask me why and I will not be able to tell exactly, but I cant get enough of it. I don't even remember what the sun looks like, will it ever return? I hope. For now hope everyone is stayin dry. PO
"Ivdu Es Hashem B'simcha
Ps-Its Elul, lets be extra careful in our Shmiras Hamitzov