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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moving Day: Part 1...

Hey, Yes today was the day I started moving into my apartment in KGH. Thank God, I have been blessed to live with an amazing person. He will basically be my wife for the next year until he....well we will leave it at that. It is a 2 bedroom, very nice. This year will be very busy for both me and my roommate, Thank god. I'm excited, for new things in my life: Job, living arrangements, my car etc... People love to ask "So are you nervous?" who can be nervous when your excited about things in your life? So the answer is no, I'm not. I mean people also asked if I was nervous to have surgery, again, no because everything works out in the end, HE knows what HE is doing and I have full faith in everything HE does. Well arite its a bit late, this week will be very crazy. BE CRAZY PRODUCTIVE!!!!
3 weddings
Does that sound busy?
"Sheker Hachain, V'Hevel Hayoifee"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Life is a highway...

Hey all,
Soooo... Yes its true, everything I do I do it for you...My readers that is. Thanx for the comments enjoy readin them. Ok so last week I got my Hott car it is very nice, I really really like it. Not love, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT throw that word around, people are to free with that word. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, Healthwise I'm doing amazing, I feel in the words of Tony the tiger "GRRRRREAAT" I'm feeling a bit wacky tonite. On Wed and thurs of last week I went to AC-was very good, lost $200 but I'm ok with it not too bad, had a good time. I have conference for work tomorrow, should be interesting, maybe a bit boring but a huge hoch. For those of whom that don't know what that means, it means a lot of people will be there to talk about politics within the organization, terrible but its hilaaarious. Thank the Good Lord, I am also in the middle of writing songs for a future album. I am collaborating with the lead singer of Omek Hadavar, we met tonite it was very good, we are thinking along the same lines for the songs. Very excited about that. This week I say goodbye to my bro and sis-in-law as they leave to go home to Boca, the kiddies are cute, no joke. I don't play games, only with them I do. Ok if any of you who know me or read this blog. You know that I am a HUGE Zach Braff fan. (who is he?) He is JD from scrubs or Andrew Largeman from the movie "Garden State". Well he is an amazing actor, which leads me to my next point don't do drugs, no seriously his new movie called "The Last Kiss" is coming out sept. 15. Its about a guy who is about to turn 30 and goes through all these different decisions that happened to him or will happen to him in the future, its a Dramedy, yes drama-comedy. It is gonna be soooo goood. I promise you wont be dissappointed. The underlining message is that one should think about life and their decision long and hard before making them, its called I think Cheshbon HaNefesh. Arite thats all for now.
"Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof"
PS- quick Q- If I had a website with like cool totally rad links and pics and the like- would you guys go to it? BTW I'm in a totally 80's mood, went to see the good-looking mets today and they honored the 86' mets so they did cool flashback to the 80's. Ok I'm out.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Let the Madness begin...

How funny would it be if I just posted the word "Hey" ? Would you be annoyed or laugh? Anyway back here on Earth. I have made my decision on the car that I'm getting. I am not gone tell you the kind of car-ill take pics of it and post it fo all you. I hope to be getting it Monday or Tuesday. Very excited, I really like toys. Next week I officially start work for next year. It's gone be really good, its nice to have job that you actually like doing. Its unfortunate for people who work in a place they don't like or work as something they don't enjoy. If you are one of those people, QUIT......NOW. I'm really excited to work with kids, much more interesting then adults, HANDS DOWN. Last weekend I went to a camp I was in last summer-not to be gydadik-but a lot of people were like..." Hey -It would've been so much better if you were here all summer" That is always a nice ego boost. I mean I'm not gone lie- "I'm awesome". OK I KID KID. Hopefully learning will stepped up more as my schedule for work and stuff gets finalized-I really really like what I'm learning, its good I have an amazing chavrusa FFD. This will be crazy busy for me which is good. I like being busy for sooooo many reasons. Arite that's all I got for now. Have an Great weekend.
"Nachamu Nachamu Ami"
PS-Buy the Omek Hadavar CD-Great

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Hey guys sorry that I havent posted in a while. I will very soon.
Things to look foward for: Premiere Video from Omek Hadavar "Nachamu"
Update on the Car Sitch
Much Much More....
Keep it real- "Aint no one gonna break my stride aint nobody gonna hold me down"