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Monday, July 03, 2006


I need to digress from how I'm actually feeling to how I'M ACTUALLY feeling. Well I'll just give you a quick update, went to the doc today- inflammation and fluid slowly is becoming less and less which is excellent. My Blood thinner levels are starting to be regulated which is awesome b/c that means less blood tests. Ok to how I'M ACTUALLY feeling- Let's start. They say time heels all wounds, but some wounds are ALOT deeper then others. Would everyone agree? Lets say this is true. I am 2 weeks post as some would say a traumatic episode in my life. I say well that's just life for me, and I'm totally ok with it, I don't think I would have it any other way and I thank God for that too. What most of you don't know(or maybe you do) I am 7 weeks past a breakup with a signfic other. I feel healthier about the surgery which only happened 2 weeks ago then I do about a breakup that happened 7 weeks ago. Is that normal? NO the answer is no. This past week was probably the second hardest week since the break, maybe because I got a bit worse in my condition, maybe it was boredom, maybe it was because although I have an amazing support team from my folks, to my bro's and sis's, to all my awesome friends, nothing fills the void from that one person. Nothing. Yea so that whole time theory, sooo unclear. Yes I have made steps to try to move on and past, but you never forget and one never should. Arite thats all I got for now. Staying healthy(physically), trying to stay strong(emotionally...not talking about the surgery)


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