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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Around the Horn...

Hey, What's up guys? Its nice and hot, I hate...Yes hate the cold weather so I don't mind this heat. Funny convo I had last nite.

Me: Side note- I love it that since lance Armstrong isn't in the Tour no one cares.

Metslover: Not one person in the world

Metslover: Not even the guys riding in the race.


Me: Im actually laughing

Just wanted to point that out. Really, honestly what is Hezbollah thinking, I mean its like they took stupid pills in mass quantities. We really have to sorta ask ourselves, what does HE want us to do? What are we doing wrong? Unclear to me, I wish I knew. To answer my own question about the sefer and character. Sefer would have to be a Chumash (5 Books of Moses) and The Gra's- Even Shlemah. Character would have to be, if you know me very well then you would say.....
John Dorian (JD) and Chandler Bing. I'm a cross-I think. I got a really nice camera yestaday as a shadchin (matchmaker) present. It is the Casio Exilim EX-S600. Its so thin, and delectable so darn good looking. I went to NYU today to meet with my guidance, she was very nice. She actually told me that "well it seems like you know what your doing, your going to do well here." That's always nice to hear. I'm really excited to start school. Nuthing else to report, I'm feel like I am at 90% so just a little more to go, learning is going well and yea. Have an awesome day peeps!
PS-Can you say Best record in the NL?


Anonymous dk said...

Don't you realize she was just trying to boost your confidence, your have no chance. Nah! just kidding, but seriously even with the best record in the NL they are 5th in the Majors behind....4th the Yankees BOOYAH! Its amazing how little credit a manager like Joe Torre and the entire Organization gets for the way they have kept the team in contention. Barring a total collapse Jim Leyland will win Manager of the Year, but Torre deserves to be a close second. With how good the Mets have been in the regular season do you really trust their rotation in the playoffs. Glavine and Pedro are showing their age and they don't have anyone else, is their offense good enought to get them through? maybe, only maybe. "You were getting a little to big for yor britches, i'm you britches shrinker"(who said it to whom and extra credit for episode).

7:00 AM

Blogger Chaim Yehudah said...

Ok enought yankee talk, yea omar will get us another pitcher, we shall see.
Please Janitor to the J.Dizzle- Where he becomes chief actaully Co-Chief Dorian.
"Dont ever test me on the brunch" Who to who and what episode?

9:45 AM

Anonymous dk said...

i gave you an easy one it was more of what i was doing to you diminishing the mets accomplishments. Turk said it episode when jd goes to the triathalon

10:05 AM

Blogger Chaim Yehudah said...

NOPE-try again. How can you diminish what the mets have done-No Baseball Analyst would even do that. Thats just foolish DK. U must do Chazara on ur episodes

3:22 PM

Blogger Chaim Yehudah said...

Actually its the other way around
Detroit 64 31
Chicago Sox 58 36
Boston 58 36
NY Mets 57 38
NY Yankees 55 37

Can you not count DK? Even if Yanks do win today still be ahead. So maybe your talking about another NY Mets team or another NY Yankees? HMMM.... Btw what did you get in stats this past semsester?

4:34 PM

Blogger DK said...

its the correct episode and i was going by percentage points as of july 20 before the mets played today they were. and brought it up because it was an hour long conversation topic that i heard on the radio,

5:17 PM

Blogger Chaim Yehudah said...

A-Your wrong, its the episode where Turk and JD both moonlight at a clinic and Turk steals $100 from JD with out him knowing it and JD says "I marsha brady ur..." and B-who measures percentages? I wrote "best RECORD in the NL" not best percentages.

6:41 PM

Blogger DK said...

well this is what is says on imdb
Chris Turk: Season 5, Episode 3, Marcia gets creamed. Don't ever question me on the Bunch.

and if their winning % is better than they have a better record

5:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:33 PM


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