Its about my heart; The Physical part and the Emotional part

Friday, July 28, 2006

Web Gems...

Hey guys, Yes I know I haven't posted in 11 days. But who's counting. So here's the deal- I am 97% better, how do I come up with these numbers- I have friend who able to figure these percentages out in his head- we don't really understand we just say "GLYVINE" or we get "GLYVINIZED". I kidd, no seriously I am doing amazing, don't have to see the Dr. for another month-that is huge, he said my valve and heart sound "amazing". In other related stories- I CAN DRIVE- HIOOOOOOOOOO. That to me is very exciting, it might be a blessing in someways but a curse in another way. I think now I am expected to "do things" if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean....sorry cant help ya. he he. So I have narrowed my car search into two cars-I hope on monday to test drive one of the finalist. I love cars, its kind of a fetish. DK get your head out of the gutter. Ezzie-What the EFES? Why r they talking about Cease-Fire? It is pointless. I love how Coofa Anan says there should be UN peacekeepers sent in. A-he is should be shot in the head B-There has to be Peace for them to keep. That my friends is not extreme. It is a fact. We should all try to learn or daven a little harder this week. Hopefully IDF will end it and hopefully we will see a huge monstrosity fall from the sky in Yerushalyim- Speedily in our days. Have a great weekend.
"Baruch Adonay Yom Yom Yomas Lanu, HaEl Yashusainu Selah..."
PS-Happy Birthday

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Around the Horn...

Hey, What's up guys? Its nice and hot, I hate...Yes hate the cold weather so I don't mind this heat. Funny convo I had last nite.

Me: Side note- I love it that since lance Armstrong isn't in the Tour no one cares.

Metslover: Not one person in the world

Metslover: Not even the guys riding in the race.


Me: Im actually laughing

Just wanted to point that out. Really, honestly what is Hezbollah thinking, I mean its like they took stupid pills in mass quantities. We really have to sorta ask ourselves, what does HE want us to do? What are we doing wrong? Unclear to me, I wish I knew. To answer my own question about the sefer and character. Sefer would have to be a Chumash (5 Books of Moses) and The Gra's- Even Shlemah. Character would have to be, if you know me very well then you would say.....
John Dorian (JD) and Chandler Bing. I'm a cross-I think. I got a really nice camera yestaday as a shadchin (matchmaker) present. It is the Casio Exilim EX-S600. Its so thin, and delectable so darn good looking. I went to NYU today to meet with my guidance, she was very nice. She actually told me that "well it seems like you know what your doing, your going to do well here." That's always nice to hear. I'm really excited to start school. Nuthing else to report, I'm feel like I am at 90% so just a little more to go, learning is going well and yea. Have an awesome day peeps!
PS-Can you say Best record in the NL?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Good Stuff...

Sorry to all I haven't blogged since last week. OK so IM here. Thank God I am about 90% recovered from my surgery and I feel really good. Took off all my bandages, its nice scar. I started on thursday learning the laws of the Sabbath from classes on mp3 from my rebbe in Israel. This is good preparation for me because I will need to take a test in it in a few months. Learning is sooo good for me, keeps me in line. As the counting crows say "don't it always seem to go, till you don't know what you got till its gone...". Meaning: Sometimes its hard to appreciate what you have when you have it, only once its gone you realize how good it was. I am not sure if you all know what is going on in the "wholly" land, and I write that because apparently Hezbollah and Iran decided that they want not only their own country to be destroyed at this time but Israel too. Very soon Israel will take every rocket they own and bomb them back to the 80's. I wont be sad when all the people in Lebanon are dead. Harsh? I don't think so, its just inevitable. Anyway, never watch series enders of any TV show. I mean don't watch TV at all, but if you happen to have a lot of time on your hands and watch TV DVD's-don't watch series enders.
Question of the day: What is your Favorite sefer? And/or Who is the person you associate with most on TV?
"Zachraini Na Zacharaini Na"-Have a good one, stay classy!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thank You, Trevor...

No, Just NO-you are second in all time saves, all you need was to throw one strike. How come you couldn't do that for me, heck all National League team fans. Trevor Hoffman-shame on you. Firstly, now the Mets have to start the world series on the road, secondly you cost a MET the All-Star game MVP, Carlos Beltran or David Wright would have been the MVP. UNREAL. Ok I'm done, I am doing Thank God great, the doctor took me off one medicine and lowered my dosage on another. I would say I am at 80%. The incision is healing nicely, and everything looks amazing. Can you believe it was only 3 weeks ago? Nuts Modern medicine-Thank God. Tomorrow starts the 3 weeks, I feel the three weeks is a "good" thing because it slows down the summer and makes a person think about where they are holding in life not spiritually but emotional. Arite Have an easy fast everyone.
Ps-Wow, its a good thing we gave back Gaza, Psychos

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Thank God I am doing as my doctor will quote "Dramatically better". The fluid and inflammation in and around my heart as been reduced significantly. I am in virtually no pain at all. I am sleeping well, finally. Now I'm just playing a waiting game till my chest totally heals from the incision(not how u spell it). My bro and sis-in-law coming up for the summer from Boca, that should fun, all the kiddies. On tap- I plan to start learning for smicha in Hilchos Shabbas, might go back into the studio to record another demo. Buy a car-that's very exciting to me. Excited for some weddings not so much for others, coming up but they aren't till end of summer, so we got a while. Registered for Grad school already, so that's cool. WORLD CUP TODAY-BABY GO ITALY. Arite I'm gonna go watch later guys have an awesome day.V'tahar L'bainu L'avdicha B'emes!!

Monday, July 03, 2006


I need to digress from how I'm actually feeling to how I'M ACTUALLY feeling. Well I'll just give you a quick update, went to the doc today- inflammation and fluid slowly is becoming less and less which is excellent. My Blood thinner levels are starting to be regulated which is awesome b/c that means less blood tests. Ok to how I'M ACTUALLY feeling- Let's start. They say time heels all wounds, but some wounds are ALOT deeper then others. Would everyone agree? Lets say this is true. I am 2 weeks post as some would say a traumatic episode in my life. I say well that's just life for me, and I'm totally ok with it, I don't think I would have it any other way and I thank God for that too. What most of you don't know(or maybe you do) I am 7 weeks past a breakup with a signfic other. I feel healthier about the surgery which only happened 2 weeks ago then I do about a breakup that happened 7 weeks ago. Is that normal? NO the answer is no. This past week was probably the second hardest week since the break, maybe because I got a bit worse in my condition, maybe it was boredom, maybe it was because although I have an amazing support team from my folks, to my bro's and sis's, to all my awesome friends, nothing fills the void from that one person. Nothing. Yea so that whole time theory, sooo unclear. Yes I have made steps to try to move on and past, but you never forget and one never should. Arite thats all I got for now. Staying healthy(physically), trying to stay strong(emotionally...not talking about the surgery)