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Monday, June 19, 2006

Only a few hours away...

So at 8 am tomorrow I will as they say be "going under the knife". Everyone asks, "so how are you?" There are probably only two times in one's life that you get that question and that tone, One- When a relationship ends with the person you were dating and Two-If someone dies or you are about to experience something traumatic. I am in luck of having been asked this question for both reasons this year. I am doing totally fine, I really am. I'm not nervous, truth be told when everyone gives me the "How are you" they make me nervous. I get over it fast thankfully. I am not scared for me, I am only scared for two people in the world. My mother, of course and my ex-girlfriend. Yes I said Ex-Girlfriend. Those are the two people I worry about the most. I personally don't want anyone of my friends or family to worry about me because it is soo not necessary. Everything will be fine, any way you put God takes care of everything. Well the first thing I do is go meet with the anesthesiologist. My mom was like "its a woman" I was like "so?" I don't care if it was a monkey, well maybe a monkey but you get my point. The surgeon is known as Dr. Q he is the top heart surgeon in the country. He is an artist. Surgery is around 2 hours but all together I think it will be 3-4 hours till everything is done. Sigh...That sigh was for one reason alone. You would think a person would be thinking about hoping that everything goes well for THEMSELVES. Yet all I can think about is her. Pathetic is the word you're looking for. I am fully aware. BTW did I tell you that I'm starving? I had to be on fluids starting from like 5 pm. All I had for dinner was tomato soup, don't get me wrong, soup and deliroll are my 2 favorite foods, but I NEED REAL FOOD. But I digress. Arite I need to sleep so...Hopefully I will blog tomorrow night or Wednesday and give you an update from my cozy room in ICU. Stay true and Be You, cuz that's why everyone loves you. Dam I should write songs. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Keep it real and have an awesome day guys.
ps-I wont keep you hanging about her...


Blogger ~ Sarah ~ said...

Refuah Sheleimah.

(Was linked from Ezzie's blog.)

3:48 PM

Blogger Ayelet said...

Stay true and Be You, cuz that's why everyone loves you. Dam I should write songs.

No kidding! Loved that line.

Also, got to know more about this ex-girlfriend sitch. Sounds interesting.

Also, and most importantly, refu'ah sh'leima.

6:34 PM

Blogger Moshe said...

hang in there dude. I'm so happy the surgey went well.

6:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:46 AM


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