Its about my heart; The Physical part and the Emotional part

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Im hydrated nicely...

Hey, Went to the doc today, so apparently I have too much fluid around my heart which isn't good. The reason we know this is because im having intense pain in my left shoulder which is a reaction to the fluid around my heart. The reason for the excess fluid is due to that fact that I have an autoimmune deficientcy and inflammation. Other then that everything is Thank god good, Holy cow Gaza strip has like no power or water, its crazy (tad humorous). Starting in the fall I will be attending NYU School of Social Work, very exciting, they have an amazing clinical program which is what I hope to do. For all those not well versed in the social work vernac, clinical is private practice. I also hope to specialize in Drug and Alcholol Rehab. I am going to give a plug to an awesome band Omek Hadavar just came out with a hot album its awesome. If you can get your hands on it, amazing. I hope tomorrow I will have some better news on my fluid. Btw I love sunny doodles they are soo good, so delectable, so darn good looking.
A Q for all of YOU-If you had the choice to meet one person who would be and why? (alive or dead) that's it for now. Stay Strong.


Blogger Ezzie said...

Hey, are you guys living in my friend's apartment next year? Just curious.

Adam HaRishon. It would help answer lots of questions. :)

2:32 PM

Blogger Chaim Yehudah said...

Yes- we are its a very nice apt. Good answer man.

3:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Yehudah,
we want updates!!!

your #1 fan club....

AKA... bro and sis in the heights

7:12 PM

Anonymous DK said...

you know what i would say to Adam, "what were you thinking! you just couldn't stay away. Because of you we all have to work and ultimately die. YOU JERK!" I probably would like to meet several people from different catagories. A historical figure Abraham, sports figure Vince Lombardi or Lou Gehrig, and still living Michael Jordan or Hank Aaron. I know how that sounds but i love sports so i dont care.

9:52 PM

Anonymous FriendofBroandSisintheHeights said...

Hey, Hope you're feeling better. I'm waiting for updates about the girl friend...don't think you drop a line like that and expect everyone to forget!

Who would I want to meet...I'm thinking Rabbi JB Soloveitchik - I hear an awful lot about him. It might explain what in the world goes on around here in the heights!

Refuah Shleima!

3:11 PM

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