Its about my heart; The Physical part and the Emotional part

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Im hydrated nicely...

Hey, Went to the doc today, so apparently I have too much fluid around my heart which isn't good. The reason we know this is because im having intense pain in my left shoulder which is a reaction to the fluid around my heart. The reason for the excess fluid is due to that fact that I have an autoimmune deficientcy and inflammation. Other then that everything is Thank god good, Holy cow Gaza strip has like no power or water, its crazy (tad humorous). Starting in the fall I will be attending NYU School of Social Work, very exciting, they have an amazing clinical program which is what I hope to do. For all those not well versed in the social work vernac, clinical is private practice. I also hope to specialize in Drug and Alcholol Rehab. I am going to give a plug to an awesome band Omek Hadavar just came out with a hot album its awesome. If you can get your hands on it, amazing. I hope tomorrow I will have some better news on my fluid. Btw I love sunny doodles they are soo good, so delectable, so darn good looking.
A Q for all of YOU-If you had the choice to meet one person who would be and why? (alive or dead) that's it for now. Stay Strong.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hey, Hope you guys didnt miss me too much. Im doin thank god good, I went to my cardiologist yestaday and I have some fluid around my heart, it is common to get after surgery, so im taking medicene which oddly enough is also helping with the soreness of my chest and shoulder. So thats cool. Little bored at home, not much to do other watch TV. Alot of people ask if I'm in pain, well pain is funny thing. Somthing thats painfull to me could be a walk in the park for you, and visa versa. Physical pain is alot easier to manage than emotional pain simply you know when it starts and when it will end(physical) and how to treat it. Emotional, well... there isnt a cure, the begining could be sudden, and even when its not sudden you act as if it is, and well the end the could last a very very long time. So am in my chest is just sore. Yes that was an awser to both, my chest is just sore. Well...thats all for today have a great and productive day.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hey, Well This will be a short post...But I am home from the hospital, HIOOOOOO Goulet. I will God Willing post tomorrow. Just wanted to tell everyone the update. Have an awesome week.
ps-my Sister-in-law gave birth to a 6 lbs. 2 oz baby girl on friday-Exciting week for my family- more details to follow.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Im back...

Hey all, we'll thank God surgery was a success. I am currently on the "floor" it is for patients who recover from surgery or just patients of the hospital, I was only in the ICU for about 26 hrs, supposdly thats really good. They took out all the IV's and tubes Thank God. All we need to do is to regulate the medecine i am on called Cumadin, it is a blood thinner. I need to be on blood thinner's so my valve pumps easier. This medecine is tricky because it isnt one type of dose that fits all, so they need to measure the levels and once it is regulated-I'm outee. The nurse practioner said 2-5 days, so im guessing ill be out on tuesday, hoping and praying. I would like to thank everyone who has been calling not stop and all those who came to visit me today, a special thank you to moshe, FFD/FFW, Zman, and JYB. I am feeling Thank God really really well. I am not having pain, just soreness because well I had my chest cracked opened two days ago. Eating normally and everything is moving along very nice. The hospital staff was amazed to see me walking around today after having open heart surgery two days ago, I think they are just humoring me, but thats ok, I'll accept it. I'm kinda tired now, I had many visitors, BTW my sister-in-law is 4 centameters dialated, how awesome? I think she will give birth on sunday. It's a boy that is my prediction. Omg-I got the funniest stuffed animal today, he's a penguin and I named him sherman. I am dork, I am huge dork but I'm totally ok with it. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, keep it real and keep the faith. PO

Monday, June 19, 2006

Only a few hours away...

So at 8 am tomorrow I will as they say be "going under the knife". Everyone asks, "so how are you?" There are probably only two times in one's life that you get that question and that tone, One- When a relationship ends with the person you were dating and Two-If someone dies or you are about to experience something traumatic. I am in luck of having been asked this question for both reasons this year. I am doing totally fine, I really am. I'm not nervous, truth be told when everyone gives me the "How are you" they make me nervous. I get over it fast thankfully. I am not scared for me, I am only scared for two people in the world. My mother, of course and my ex-girlfriend. Yes I said Ex-Girlfriend. Those are the two people I worry about the most. I personally don't want anyone of my friends or family to worry about me because it is soo not necessary. Everything will be fine, any way you put God takes care of everything. Well the first thing I do is go meet with the anesthesiologist. My mom was like "its a woman" I was like "so?" I don't care if it was a monkey, well maybe a monkey but you get my point. The surgeon is known as Dr. Q he is the top heart surgeon in the country. He is an artist. Surgery is around 2 hours but all together I think it will be 3-4 hours till everything is done. Sigh...That sigh was for one reason alone. You would think a person would be thinking about hoping that everything goes well for THEMSELVES. Yet all I can think about is her. Pathetic is the word you're looking for. I am fully aware. BTW did I tell you that I'm starving? I had to be on fluids starting from like 5 pm. All I had for dinner was tomato soup, don't get me wrong, soup and deliroll are my 2 favorite foods, but I NEED REAL FOOD. But I digress. Arite I need to sleep so...Hopefully I will blog tomorrow night or Wednesday and give you an update from my cozy room in ICU. Stay true and Be You, cuz that's why everyone loves you. Dam I should write songs. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Keep it real and have an awesome day guys.
ps-I wont keep you hanging about her...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Its only the Begining...

Heyoooo, hmm...Should I start from the beginning or jump right in? Ill jump right in and tell you some interesting things. In around 32 or so hours from now, I will be having open heart surgery. Intense no? neh I think people over rate things, like graduating college, soooo overrated. Ok anyway, the reason for this surgery is because when I was 7, I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and therefore giving me something called Aortic insufficiency or AI in the medical field. You see I leek too much blood from my Aorta. I am sure your thinking, ok that's a bit interesting, why are you telling me this? Well I'm not telling you this, you just happen to be reading it. I am blogging this as way of documentation for future years to show my children. You will find out that I am the most sentimental guy you will EVER meet EVER. Girly? Maybe but I don't care. This blog will follow my life, from the day before surgery till.....whenever or if I... You wont hear from me again. Sorry to the readers who know me about that last comment, but you will also learn that I am a realist, Cup half-full, out going, Deep thinking guy, who doesn't play games. Arite till tomorrow, stay true later.